Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh My How Things Have Changed

8 years ago life was very different.  8 years ago I was preparing to give birth to my first born.  I could never have guessed at how many ways my life would change.  Here are a few of the things I can think of that are different.

1) Sleeping in is practically non existent and when it happens it means sleeping until 7:30. 
2) The kids have a great wardrobe and I own mom jeans, tshirts and sneakers (a far cry from my retail days).
3) Dinner out means Bugaboo, Applebee's, Friendly's or any place that serves french fries, chicken fingers and mac and cheese from a box.
4) Going to the beach requires a wagon full of sand toys, towels, and floaties and not a book or magazine in sight.  How can I read and relax when the kids are in the water??
5) No days off.  Ever.
6) Sick days involve doing everything I always do, except I am sick. No lounging on the couch watching TV and resting.
7) I can't ride amusement park rides.  I don't know what happened but ever since Big Guy's birth I am super sensitive to motion.
8) My friends are the mothers of the kids friends. 
9) Watching TV with the kids around means nothing over PG-13 and learning how to turn down the volume or change the channel quickly.
10) I frequent Toys R Us, Target and Wal Mart more than the mall.
11) I laugh more often.  Man can these guys make me laugh.
12) I can smile just thinking about my boys.
13) I've learned that the quote about how being a parent is like having your heart walk around outside your body is true and it's hard.
14) Going to the bathroom alone is a luxury.
15) Getting through a shower without someone barging in to ask a question is a miracle.
16) I know more about what's going on on Phineas and Ferb than the Bachelor.
17) My favorite books are less than 20 pages and have LOTS of pictures. 
18) When I get stressed I color. (I used to shop)
19) My bookmarks on the computer are mommy blogs.
20) I have never been happier or more thankful for anything in all my life.

**Please leave a comment with the things in your life that have changed

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


At the beginning of each summer I get this slight sense of dread.  Playing cruise director for two active boys is a tough role and in the summer I have to step it up a notch because they are home, ALL day.  For me there is a fine balance between over and under scheduling.  Under schedule and I hear "I'm bored" and "what are we doing today?"  over and over like a broken record.  Over schedule and the boys are so tired that their attitudes and behavior stink.  I've been walking that fine line since the last day of school.  We've had play dates, sleepovers, been to the movies, the races, rollerskating, had fires and s'mores and spent lots of time in the pool. 

Ah yes, the pool, we love it.  My boys may grow gills before the summer is over.  Big guy is a full on swimmer now and is working on his stamina.  He's learned to float on his back finally and is even trying the backstroke.  He loves to cannonball and after watching his friend do it he is now an underwater swimmer.  I love how comfortable he is in the water.  Little guy has come leaps and bounds in the pool and this past week has blown us away.  He gave up his life jacket and donned a pair of goggle and the rest, they say, is history.  Little guy loves to be under the water, is swimming short distances, and can make a heck of a splash doing cannonballs.  He's got guts like no other and amazes me with how far he's come so fast. Our friends ask us if we swim all day every day now that we have a pool.  We swim every day that the weather cooperates and most days, twice.  It's a lot of fun and the boys and I really connect in the pool.  We laugh until our belly's hurt, we applaud each others progress and we talk while we float around.  I can't say enough about our time in the pool, it's quality time and I am soaking it up.

I can only hope that there are a few more summers to come where doing cannonballs and blowing bubbles underwater are on the agenda.  But in case there aren't if you need me I'll be in the pool.

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Not All Butterflies and Daisies

Being a mom is a wonderful thing.  It's something I knew I always wanted, something I fought hard for, and something I love with all my heart.  That said, being a mom is hard.  It's poop, it's puke, it's people telling you they hate you.  It is defiance, it is struggle, it is facing your fears.  Being a mom means you do anything and everything you never thought you would.

Over the past few years I have had similar discussions with different moms.  We all love our children but sometimes being a mom isn't all it's cracked up to be.  You get tired, you get sick and by the 459,856th time your child asks "why?" your answer may not be one you are proud of.  Someone close to me confessed that she doesn't always like being a mom and sometimes doesn't like her kid.  She loves him tons and always will but there are moments when she doesn't "like" him.  I get it.  I told her it was normal.  Am I professional parent?  No, but the fact is that everyone mom friend I've been close with has confided nearly the exact same thing.  I've decided it's normal but not enough people talk about it.  Why is that?  What other job in the world is there where you are expected to love every minute of it.  I don't know anyone who's caught a puddle of puke in their bare hands and said they loved motherhood right after it.  Am I thankful I have a child even when he is spewing geysers?  Yes.  Am I thankful that sometimes I have to catch it in my hands to avoid a large clean up on the couch?  No. 

My advice?  Well, as stated above, I am not a professional but after nearly 8 years of parenting big guy I have learned a few things.  Moms need breaks.  They need naps, they need to lose themselves in good books, they need friends and they need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.  I love to leave the kids behind with Dado and head out to window shop.  I crank up the stereo in the car, roll down the windows and rock out like I am a lot younger than I am, it's therapy.  I love to come home just in time for bedtime to get my hugs and kisses, read a story and tuck in some sleepy heads.  I feel like a better mom after a break, even a short one. 

I love my boys but I love me too and that, I have learned, is very important.