Sunday, July 17, 2011


I always wanted to have two children. I wanted them to be close, closer than my sister and I. Kelly and I were 3.5 years apart and it was just too much most of the time. Sure there were times when we got alone but for the most part we were just too far apart in age and interested in different things. I wanted something different for my boys.

Aiden and Riley are 2.5 years apart. I love it. They've gone through phases of being close and driving each other crazy but this summer something has changed. I've watched my boys become brothers and friends. I have never been more proud.

Last summer we were busy. We spent nearly our whole summer at one beach or another and I thought it was the best summer ever. My boys were tan and happy and we washed sand out of their hair every night. This summer we have a puppy and being away from home for hours at a time is difficult. So, we've been spending a lot more time at home. At first I was sad that the boys wouldn't have the same summer as last but now, well, now I see that I was wrong and this summer has been the best thing for them.

Each day my boys play together. They spend hours playing games, building, and using their imaginations. They have become friends. I've watched them grow this summer and not just out of their clothes. They have learned a little bit about compromise, a little bit of communication, a little frustration and a lot about love. I really hope that this summer is the beginning of great things to come for them as brothers. I hope that long after I am gone they will continue to lean on each other and remember that mama taught them that their very best friend in the world is their brother.